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Why Quartz Silestone?
Quartz is probably the toughest, most durable material used for construction in homes today, bar none. We supply Silestone worktops which contain over 94% quartz, taking the toughness and turning it into something usable for you. It is also treated with antibacterial agents to give it a hygienically unrivalled amongst other products on the market.

And the colour. We offer a wide range of colours in our Quartz / Silestone ranges so you can be sure that there will be a colour for you. Many of these colours are displayed in our showroom so if you want to experience them first-hand, come on down we would love to assist you.


•         Heat resistant
•         Scratch Resistant
•         Waterproof
•         Hygienic
•         Fade Resistant
•         Extreme Durability

See samples below 
We have many more styles of Quartz / Silestone in stock, we can even source a specific style you have seen!

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